Volk Fruit Farm

5782 Addison New Carlisle Road
Casstown, OH 45312

Please check the farm's website for specific information.

Apple Varieties We Grow Description Typically Ripens
Burgundy tart, baking, eating First of September
Fuji sweet, crisp, eating End of October
Gala sweet, eating, salads End of August
Ginger Gold tangy, eating, baking Middle of August
Golden Delicious sweet, eating, baking First of October
Granny Smith tart, baking, eating End of October
Honeycrisp sweet, crisp, eating First of September
Jonagold tangy, eating, baking End of September
Lodi sour, pies, applesauce Middle of July
Red Delicious sweet, eating, salads First of October
Staymen Winesap tart, baking, eating End of October

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